7 unique days of your life.

The academic year for students is an extremely intense time. Whether we like it or not, our days are dominated by university classes, and project after project pass through the filter of tickets, exits, colloquia, and exams. Our social life also becomes pinned to the framework of the university environment. Even our diet and number of hours of sleep are dictated by the rhythm of our class workload.

However, there comes a day every year when we don’t need to say “I’ll do it later”. There are no classes the next day. As a certain portion of our duties cease to be relevant, we feel somewhat lighter. Now we can look for a new rhythm to guide our days. We go to work then, we spend time with family, travel, meet new people. We finally have a lot of time for ourselves and for loved ones.

How do you spend this time well?

Imagine spending one week of vacation in a completely different way. Imagine meeting people from around the world with similar interests. Each of these people will have a new perspective to share with you. Imagine spending this time perfecting your skills. You will learn something new. Your hands will find new dexterity, and your eyes will understand new patterns. You will build ties. You will let go, laugh, and party. You’re in charge. You change the environment. Maybe – just maybe – this week will be a week of your life.

An international radiology course in Poznan will allow you to see more. You are inspired by new technologies in medicine. You will practice interpretations of X-ray images. You will learn to perform ultrasound. You will understand CT and MRI. 

Not to mention, our regional food awaits you – gzik with jacket potatoes, world famous Polish vodka, roast duck native to Wielkopolska.

Our offer includes seven days. Seven unique days of your life.