Before we even realised, RÉSONNEZ was born.


It was Spring 2018 – the end of my fourth year studies, and not a clue what to do during the holidays. I knew that I wanted to use this time for personal growth, to go somewhere, to meet new people, to learn something new. Around this time, I had applied to an international program aimed at students interested in oncology. To my surprise, I qualified, and I got the chance to go abroad for a 10-day international oncology course. Around thirty people took part in this event with me, coming from all over the world (yes, this photo at the top is a picture of the city). There were people from Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Russia, the Philippines, Mali, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia, India… you name it. Each of us to a certain extent was a representative of our respective countries, our universities, each of us with a keen interest in oncology. It was a very special time.

We knew that after 10 days, we would all go back home to reality. After 10 days, this community that we had created together would end. Knowing that the day of farewells was creeping up upon us, we wanted to spend as much time as possible learning from each other, about each other, and the problems that health sectors in other countries are facing. Even today, we remember each other’s dreams, and we support each other.

Immediately upon returning to Poznan, I began looking for a similar program for students interested in radiology. I did not find anything like it. That was how RÉSONNEZ was born. I started to implement the idea and started to talk to people who could help me. We want people to come to Poznan. We want to be their hosts and to show them an unforgettable time. What I experienced during that 10 day course is echoing in this new undertaking.


Life opens up many opportunities for development, but sometimes we do not see how little it takes to use them. One good decision influences the next, initiating the so-called snowball effect. Of course, such unique moments often come as a pleasant surprise.

I will not surprise anyone if I reveal that it was exactly the same with me. It was on one sunny day when I met in a cafe with Dominik to talk about the possibilities of developing my skills. This was when I first learned about RÉSONNEZ, and its potential to become the platform on which Polish and foreign students could improve their practical skills in radiology, as well as rest and recuperate together. I was surprised and excited by the fact that I could be on the team of such an interesting project, and I did not have to consider Dominik’s offer for long.

I chose to pursue medical studies mainly to help other people. Here is the perfect opportunity for me to support my peers. Especially with radiology, theoretical knowledge only goes so far before one is limited by their physical and practical skills. After that, it is a matter of combining theory, practice, and experience to come to the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment of patients.

In addition to this, I really liked the idea of ​​combining learning and rest, and finding the right balance between one and the other.

I am glad that such a summer course in radiology will take place in Poznań. I have known this city for nearly 4 years and I can see how it positively affects students who study here. After all, every student learns quickly that while days are devoted to classrooms and learning, evenings are fair game for socialisation and nightlife.

Thinking about Poznan, I see before my eyes, a place where I can meet amazing people (with a mission) and doctors who willingly share their knowledge. Thanks to such meetings, I am able to set up networks that will help in my future career, and I believe that the same is possible with this international course.

Meeting new people and creating friendships that last for years – it is amazing how little you need to change your life.


How did my adventure with RÉSONNEZ start? I’ve known Dominik for 2 years. We met during a Clinical Immunology Student Research Society meeting. We knew immediately that we shared a common language. I liked the fact that we both had the eagerness to take on extracurricular activities. We share a passion not only for medicine, but also for foreign languages, travel, and music. The desire to develop everyday pushes us forward every day.

When Dominik proposed the activities under this initiative, I was very excited. This was an opportunity to use the experience I gleaned working with EducationFirst, the Association of Medical Students IFMSA- Poland, and the Erasmus program at our university. I want to spread my wings and fly as far as possible, and be a motivating force for others. Here is where I can fulfill these goals.

Then I met Łukasz and Tomek, but it certainly didn’t bother me to be the only girl in the group! and it did not prevent me from integrating well with the boys.


From the very start of my second year of study, I was looking for opportunities to develop my interests outside of university classes. I attended the meetings of many scientific societies, but the one that really caught my attention was Immunology, headed by Dominik. I applied myself to undertaking scientific projects, and never did I expect him to suggest co-creating RÉSONNEZ. The project seemed extremely interesting to me, and when I met the other members of the group, Anita and Łukasz, I was convinced that surely an ambitious plan like this must succeed.

Cooperation within RÉSONNEZ allows me to grow and give me the opportunity to change the world around me. Our team consists of talented and willing people who I would not have crossed paths with at university. I am very excited for this opportunity to co-create this project, and I am convinced that it is destined for success.