The logo

The logo of RÉSONNEZ

Its author is Paulina Szuba – an architect. Paulina deals with designing hospitals; she makes sure that the space of hospitals, patient rooms have a good influence on the therapeutic process.

Paulina has included everything we wanted most in this logo and nothing in it is accidental.
So let’s describe all the details, one by one!

📒 Résonnez’s COLOR:
The colour BLUE is associated with the city of Poznan.
What’s more, it symbolizes calmness and thoughtfulness, both of which fit well with the medical background of Résonnez.

On the other hand, we have the colour YELLOW, with a delicate touch of orange. This shade, in turn, is associated with energy, creativity and strength of life.

Résonnez’s SHAPE:
The shape itself has two meanings.
First of all, it visualizes the effect of a drop hitting the water surface and the following waves – the resonating effect we wrote about in the post about the name Résonnez.

The circle also refers in its shape to the MRI, and the extending rectangle to the patient’s bed, which appears in the tube.

🔥 And now a little detail for true connoisseurs!
The rectangle is fuzzy at first, which is supposed to refer to the uncertainty about one’s health, and after passing through the tube/circle it becomes uniform, because we have strengthened the patient – made a diagnosis.
We were not joking when we said that no detail here is accidental.

The whole logo was created in many stages – the total time of discussions and designing from the initial project to the final version took about 4 months. The discussions about the LOGO went well beyond the concept of design – from the beginning we had to set the goal and vision of RÉSONNEZ for the next few years!

This logo really means a lot to us and we are very proud of it. Thank you very much to Paulina for taking all our requests and comments into account – the logo (for us) is perfect!