We met in a cafe.

We met in a cafe.

At a shared table, in summer clothes, we met to start a new chapter in the story of . Coffee first, then notebooks, pens, calendars. Something told us that we are part of a special moment. We had discussed this for the last few months, and we were well aware of what challenges we face.

We knew perfectly well what we must give to realise our vision of RÉSONNEZ.

This entrepreneurship began with a concept, and was born from courage and an irresistible desire to go against the tide. We are now pioneers in our field, doing something medical students everywhere had not done before.

Looking around the table, it was clear that we were serious. Everyone in RÉSONNEZ has their own unique role to fulfill. Our initial concept was slowly materialising, first on paper, but soon to be set in action. Our faces were full of hope and conviction in our success. There are still many firsts ahead of us. First talks, first steps, first successes, first defeats. But our winning streak makes us bold.

We are on our way, and we will not give up.